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SU statement on Group Chat speculation

Contrary to inaccurate reports published online, we would like to reassure students that the individuals asked not to return to the University for a designated period of time following the Group Chat investigation have agreed to abide by the terms of their suspensions.

As this is a University process, we obviously cannot respond to speculation about the length of those suspensions until any processes have been finalised. We also cannot speak to the housing arrangements of any individuals involved, including those who were cleared by the investigation. 
We would, however, echo the University’s comments regarding the quality of reporting on this issue, particularly given the sensitive nature of the subject matter. If students have been affected by the content of the report in question, please contact the SU Advice Centre for support.


The press statement issued by the University reads as follows:

“We refer you to our last and final statement to you on this matter, and also to our previous decision emailed to the Tab on 9th May which said:

After The Warwick Tab’s actions today in regard to this matter, identifying the students by name before the investigation has been concluded, we will no longer be replying to the Tab…. We of course continue to respond to other student media.’ 

We are of course limited by our duty of care to all of the Warwick students involved in this matter as to what more we can say beyond the last statement that we issued in June of this year. This precludes us from examining and refuting the latest Tab story in detail. However we would simply note this statement at the start of their article which says:

“Five of the group chat members were required to leave Warwick for at least a year, meaning only three were supposed to return this month. However, six have since returned to their studies at the university this academic year.”

We can confirm once again that “Five of the group chat members were required to leave Warwick for at least a year” and further to that we can confirm that, contrary to any other reports, that in fact remains the case, and that those individuals have complied with those rulings.

We leave it to Warwick students to make up their own minds about the reports they read in various student media and the standards of that reporting.”



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