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Permanent Withdrawal

This is where you permanently end your registration with the University of Warwick and leave.

People leave for a variety of reasons, and we would recommend talking to people who are able to understand your issues before making the final decision, as there may be other options which you have not considered (e.g. changing course or temporary withdrawal). In some exceptional cases, it may be possible to restart or repeat a year.

It is usually helpful to talk to your Department before making a decision, and we would recommend that you speak to your Personal Tutor, Supervisor or the Departmental Senior Tutor as they will understand your academic situation within the Department and should be able to offer you guidance on the options available to you.

In addition to this, you should also make sure you fully understand the impact that taking Permanent Withdrawal will have on areas such as future study, funding and housing. The SU Advice Centre Team is able to go through all the issues with you.

Other people to speak to:

  • The Student Funding Team would be able to discuss any impact on your student funding.
  • The Careers and Skills Team may be able to offer guidance on your future plans.
  • The Immigration Service in the Office for Global Engagement, if you are an international student subject to visa restrictions. They can discuss any impact this may have on your ability to study in the UK in the future.

The University has information on Permanent Withdrawal online, including links to the correct form.

Once you have made your decision to permanently withdraw, all you need to do is complete the form and submit it to your Department, who will send it on to Student Records for processing.