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The Chaplaincy - Faith-Friendship-Food

Introducing the Chaplaincy

The University’s Chaplaincy can be found at the heart of Central Campus, between Warwick Arts Centre and Senate House.

If you need space to reflect in the midst of a busy academic life, you can find it at the Chaplaincy. It’s a place of hospitality, safety, care and encounter.  Our strap line is Faith-Friendship-Food as you’ll find all three as you come through our doors, often all at once. 

Chaplaincy is a home away from home; an oasis in the enormous number of activities available across the campus.  Tea and coffee is always available and quiet space to meet with others.  We’re here for absolutely anyone who would appreciate the different pace of our space and the support of our Chaplains. Our Chaplains from the Jewish, Catholic, Free Church, Anglican and Islamic faiths delight in the diversity and vibrancy of relationships between people with differing worldviews.  We would love you to be a part of the community here and to feel at home.

If you have a particular faith and religion, we are able to help you meet with people who share your beliefs and can help make University a time of growth for you. 

Drop in and see us to find out about what’s happening this term or visit us on the University Website and at University of Warwick Chaplaincy on Facebook.

Events coming up

Café Fribble: every Thursday in term time, 10.30am to 12pm.  Free tea; coffee and cake with activities to unwind your mind.

Week One Free Lunches:  to welcome new students every day!  Week 1, Monday to Friday, between 12.30 and 2pm.

Faith on Campus

Friday Prayers: Islamic Prayer Hall

Catholic Mass: Thursday and Friday and Sunday at 12.30pm

Free Church / Anglican Services: Wednesday at 1pm and Sunday at 10.30am

Several Students’ Union societies use the Chaplaincy as a base, including regular meetings of the Buddhist Society; Jewish Israeli Society; Sikh Society and Hindu Society. The Jewish and Islamic communities also have their own kitchens for storage and preparation of food to meet their faiths’ requirements.

To find out more about faith societies at the University, visit the societies pages.