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LGBTQUA+ Students' Campaign

Our LGBTQUA+ students' campaign works to address issues facing the LGBTQUA+ community, at Warwick and beyond.

Are you a member of the LGBTQUA+ community? Don't forget to check our LGBTQUA+ Community Hub and Trans Community Hub.

More campaigns specific to the trans community can be found via the Trans Students' Campaign.

Liberated Education

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Teaching can fail to be inclusive of LGBTQUA+ people in multiple ways, from hostile learning environments that make assumptions about people's gender and sexuality and fail to call out LGBTQUAphobic language and behaviour, to content that erases non-binary gender identities and fails to include the contributions & experiences of LGBTQUA+ people.

In Place:

Gender-Neutral Facilities

Gender neutral toilet

Not everyone identifies as male or female, or feels safe in gendered spaces. As a result we have lobbied for gender-neutral facilities across campus.

In Progress:

  • Lobbying for the campus map to include all gender-neutral facilities, and for them to be searchable.
  • Lobbying for more gender-neutral facilities on parts of campus where the choice is currently limited: Westwood campus, Gibbet Hill campus, and University House.
  • Submitting a project proposal for a gender-neutral toilet within the SU.

In Place:

  • Successfully lobbied for gender-neutral changing facilities and toilets in the new Sports & Wellness Hub.
  • Successfully lobbied for a policy which commits to gender-neutral toilets in all new buildings on campus.
  • Successfully lobbied for gender-neutral toilet blocks to be created in renovations of older buildings, including the Library and Social Sciences.
  • Successfully lobbied for single-cubicle toilets on campus to be de-gendered.
  • Successfully lobbied for sanitary bins in all toilet facilities.
  • Created a directory of gender-neutral facilities on campus.

Access & Participation

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There are barriers to LGBTQUA+ students accessing higher education, as well as reaching their potential within higher education institutions, and Warwick is no exception.

In Progress:

  • Seeking to identify any LGBTQUA+ attainment gap which might exist at Warwick.
  • Lobbying the university to include trans & LGBTQUA+ identities in their annual access and participation statement.
  • Lobbying the university to set goals and targets for LGBTQUA+ students' access, participation, engagement, and experience.

In Place:

  • Evidenced disproportionate rates of temporary and permanent withdrawal within the LGBTQUA+ student community.
  • Successfully lobbied the university to collect trans/cis identity data at (re)enrolment, to facilitate analysis of retention and withdrawal rates, attainment etc.
  • Successfully lobbied the university to collect sexual orientation data at (re)enrolment, to facilitate analysis of retention and withdrawal rates, attainment etc.

LGBTQUA+ Community Spaces

Glow event flyer

The LGBTQUA+ community needs spaces in which to meet, socialise and organise together.

In Progress:

  • Optional LGBTQUA+ specific on-campus accommodation options.

In Place:

Breaking Down Barriers to Sport

Photo of colourful shoes with rainbow laces in a circle

Members of the LGBTQUA+ community often experience significant barriers to participation in sport, from inaccessible facilities to a lack of trans awareness, and even hostility and exclusion from competition. 

In Progress:

  • The Kick LGBTQUAphobia Out of Sport campaign, which many sports clubs have supported via events and activities.
  • Supporting sports clubs to lobby their respective national governing bodies to update their trans athlete policies in line with best practice.
  • Exploring the option of pronoun patches for sports kit, which are safe to practice and compete wearing (as compared with badges).

In Place:

  • Launched a programme of sport sessions specifically for the trans community, including trans-only swimming.
  • Distributed over 500 sets of Stonewall's rainbow laces (for a £1 donation), available on an ongoing basis from SU HQ Reception.
  • Successfully lobbied for gender-neutral changing facilities and toilets in the new Sports & Wellness Hub.
  • Created a trans-accessible sport webpage with Warwick Sport, to explain the facilities and support available.
  • Support for clubs to be trans-inclusive, including annual trans-inclusion workshops and pronoun badges.

Awareness & Education

LGBTUA+ history month banner

We organise programmes of events to observe (inter)national LGBTUA+ awareness events, and raise awareness of issues faced by the LGBTUA+ community.

  • Pride Week
  • LGBT+ History Month
  • Asexual Awareness Week
  • Aromantic Awareness Week
  • Bi Visibility Day
  • Trans Awareness Week
  • Trans Day of Remembrance
  • Pride Month
  • Lesbian Visibility Week
  • Trans Day of Visibility

We also provide or contribute to educational events and resources throughout the year, for both staff and students, including:

We're currently lobbying the university to include trans-inclusion training in induction and CPD for all staff at Warwick.

Improved Mental Health Support

Faces with overlaid webs

Issues faced by the LGBTQUA+ community, such as estrangement and hate crime, can contribute to a higher prevalence of poor mental health for LGBTQUA+ students.

In Progress:

  • Lobbying the university to increase resourcing for LGBTQUA+ mental health support at Warwick.
  • Working with Wellbeing Support Services to improve LGBTQUA+ experiences of wellbeing support at Warwick.

In Place:

  • Delivered trans-inclusion training to Wellbeing Services staff.
  • Updated the university counselling service's sexual orientation and trans identity webpages, to provide students with up-to-date information and support.
  • Lobbied for increased funding for Wellbeing Support Services, to improve provision and reduce waiting times.
  • Researched LGBTQUA+ student wellbeing, and experiences of wellbeing support at Warwick.

Hate Crime

Let's End Hate Crime

Hate crime reported against trans people has risen over 425% in the last 6 years, and reporting rates are low due to a lack of confidence in, or fear of, the police force.

In Progress:

In Place:

  • Set up the Advice Centre as a third party hate crime reporting centre, for those not wishing to report hate crime directly to the police.
  • Successfully lobbied the university to (re)instate the Canley shuttle bus service, for students vulnerable to hate crime in the local area.
  • Bystander intervention workshops open to all students in Welcome Week 2019/20.
  • Supporting students who experience hate crime, via services such as the SU Advice Centre.

Representation, Research & Support

Trans Community Support Group

In order to effectively support the LGBTQUA+ community we need robust representation and consultation/research.

In Place:

  • Established a Trans Advisory Group, to advise on policy changes affecting the trans community.
  • An LGBTQUA+ Students' Officer and Trans Students' Officer role within the Student Officer team, elected annually by the LGBTQUA+ student community to represent them.
  • Researched trans students' experiences via the Being LGBTQUA+ at Warwick research project in 2018.
  • Founded the joint SU/University LGBTQUA+ Taskforce, to improve partnership working with the university on issues affecting the LGBTQUA+ community.
  • Launched the Trans Community Support Group, to provide a space for the trans community to meet, discuss experiences and offer peer support.
  • Created the trans web portal, with resources to support the trans community at Warwick including the Guide to Being Trans @ Warwick.

If you'd like to get involved with the LGBTQUA+ Students' Campaign, or would like to share your ideas for future campaigns with us email