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Fair Pay for PGs who Teach

#WarwickElephant posterWarwick SU has an ongoing commitment to support postgraduates who teach. Following on from last year’s efforts, we’ll be continuing to fight for fair pay and working conditions for postgraduate teachers this year. As a Students’ Union, as Undergraduates and Postgraduates alike, we support our postgraduate students in their work as teachers, researchers and valued members of our community, and we strive to afford you the respect that you deserve from the University.

Are your hourly-paid PG tutors paid fairly?

Use our marking calculator to find out how long the University allocates for reading, marking and providing feedback on your essays and exam papers.

Free UCU Membership

Postgraduates who teach are now entitled to FREE UCU (University and College Union) membership.

Warwick SU is proud to be supporting a nationwide campaign to promote free UCU membership to our postgraduate members.

To join the UCU, visit Get in touch with your Warwick UCU branch at