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Liam JacksonWarwick SU President

Hey! I’m Liam, President of Warwick Students’ Union.

My job is to serve as the outward face of the SU and represent students from our 25,000+ diverse and vibrant community, ensuring that the University and other bodies always act in your best interests.

Last year I was your Education Officer, working to put the interests and wellbeing of students at the heart of their academic experience at Warwick.

This year I will build on that experience, and work alongside the rest of the team to campaign relentlessly for students’ education, wellbeing, rights and enrichment – from fees to study space, and mental health to housing.

Students’ Unions have been at the forefront of progressive social and political change, and I will always strive to amplify the incredible work that is done every day by our Officers, Course Reps, activists, societies, clubs and volunteers to improve the lives of those at Warwick and beyond.

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The President's office is on the first floor of SUHQ.

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Liam's Election

The election for Warwick SU President takes place during the Officer Elections in term 2.