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Who are Campaigns Leaders?

We're looking for students interested in taking an active role in developing and promoting campaigns at Warwick (and beyond) to apply to be Campaigns Leaders for 2019/20.

Why be a Campaigns Leader?

Becoming a Campaigns Leader means you can...

  • Stay informed about campaigns opportunities as they arise, at Warwick and beyond.
  • Access a training programme designed for campaigns leaders.
  • Have input into a wide range of campaigns, and collaborate on projects with other campaigners.
  • Access support for your campaigns, and benefit from the knowledge, skills and experience of other campaigners.
  • Form part of a network of campaigns leaders at Warwick.
  • Get visibility and recognition for your campaigning.

How to Apply

To apply, please fill out the short form below.

For example: anti-racism, mental health, consent, transport, fair pay, sustainability.

This might include being a course rep, campaigning society exec member, SU Exec member, or a part-time officer.

For more information please email the SU's Campaigns Coordinator, Sam.