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Safer Sex Supplies

The SU keeps a small stock of safer sex materials, menstrual care products and pregnancy tests. Students can use this form to request some from the SU, to be picked up discreetly from locker 21 on the ground floor of SU HQ (by the lift). Alternatively, just ask at SU HQ Reception, or email the SU's Welfare & Campaigns Officer via

You can also sign up for the C-Card scheme* which offers free safer sex supplies at many locations across the local area, including via SU HQ Reception and the Advice Centre.

You can sign up for a C-Card, and collect free safer sex supplies, at one of the drop-ins below:

  • Tuesday 22nd January, SU Atrium, 11.00-2.00pm
  • Tuesday 26th February, SU Atrium, 11.00-2.00pm
  • Tuesday 5th March, SU Atrium, 11.00-2.00pm
  • Tuesday 30th April, SU Atrium, 11.00-2.00pm
  • Tuesday 28th May, SU Atrium, 11.00pm-2.00pm
  • Tuesday 25th June, SU Atrium, 11.00pm -2.00pm

*available to those under the age of 25