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Supporting Parents and Carers

parent & carers network logoAt Warwick SU, we want to support all members of the University community. Parents and carers are no exception. We want to work with you to ensure that you have a supported and enriched university experience, whatever level of study, however long you’ve been a Warwick student.

Find other parents & carers at Warwick by joining our Facebook group or attending a get-together.


Parents and carers, and their families, are invited to join us in The Graduate for a half-termly get together. All welcome!

Have a bite to eat, and get involved in family-friendly activities, while you meet with like-minded students, and staff members from Warwick SU and the University. This is a great opportunity to get to know your peers, and ask the questions you’ve been meaning to ask helpful folks from the SU and University.

Dates for 2018-19 get-togethers

Held in the Graduate (next to the Dirty Duck) from 10am-1pm on...

  • Tuesday 23rd October 
  • Friday 4th January
  • Tuesday 19th February
  • Friday 26th April
  • Tuesday 28th May
  • Friday 26th July 


The University runs a nursery for students and staff members whose children are between 3 months and 5 years. There may be quite a long waiting list for places, as the nursery is a very popular service.

International students may be able to access the International Students Childcare Fees Remission Scheme in order to help pay for nursery fees, while Home students might be able to access one of the University's Hardship Funds.

Holiday Scheme

The University runs a Holiday Scheme for ages 5-14 during the February, Easter, and Summer holidays. Sessions run 8am-6pm at the Warwick campus, with a huge range of activities offered to children taking part.

Multiple discounts are available, including an "Early University Discount", "Sibling Discount", and "Five Session Discount". The Holiday Scheme accepts childcare vouchers.

Information and bookings can be found here.

Expression Rooms

If you're breastfeeding and need a room to express milk, there are several available to use at Warwick:

  • University House (contact University House reception to book)

  • The Nursery

  • Gibbet Hill (Family and Reflection room)

  • Social Sciences (book here)

  • The Library (baby changing facilities on the ground floor, due a refurbishment in 2018)

University Pregnancy, Adoption, Maternity and Paternity Guidelines

The University's pregnancy and maternity guidelines haven't been updated since 2014, but you can find the current policy here

If you're an RCUK funded student, this briefing might be of use to you. All RCUK funded students are entitled to one full year (52 weeks) of maternity leave which includes 26 weeks of maternity leave on full stipend, followed by 13 weeks of pay at a level commensurate with employee entitlements of statutory maternity pay, and a final 13 weeks of unpaid leave. Adoption leave is granted on the same basis. Two weeks of paid paternity leave is provided. There are lots of other options for taking leave, so check with your funding provider.


If you're a student with caring responsibilities, Student Support can provide you with support during your time at Warwick, as can Warwick SU's Advice Centre. 

The NUS published a report on the experiences of students with caring responsibilities, in 2013. You can read the full report here.

Your Personal Tutor should be a point of support and signposting for you. If you find you need to take a period of Temporary Withdrawal, or submit Mitigating Circumstances for an assignment, your Personal Tutor, the Advice Centre, and Student Support can all help.

The following links may prove useful to your experience as a carer:

Mind - How to Cope as a Carer

Mind - How to Cope when Supporting Someone Else

Centre for Mental Health - Supporting Carers

Young Carers Coventry (for people up to 18 years old)

Carers UK

Carers Trust, Heart of England