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Postgrad Campaigns

Warwick SU has a full-time Postgraduate Officer, and a team of part-time postgraduate faculty repsThey form the SU Postgrad Exec, alongside four directly elected members from the student body (two postgrad taught students, two postgrad research students).

Postgrad Connections

Postgrad Connections is a monthly event programme which brings together all types of Postgrads in an informal setting to meet fellow students, network, and chat about their research.

Postgrad Connections banner

UCU Membership

Warwick SU is proud to be supporting a nationwide campaign to promote free UCU membership to our postgraduate members.

Fair Pay for PGs who Teach

We’re continuing to fight for fair pay and working conditions for postgraduate teachers.

Postgraduate Zone Policy

All SU policy relating to postgraduate students' wellbeing, education and development.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about our Development & Environment campaigns, get in touch with us.

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