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Trans Community Support Group

The next meetings of the support group will take place on:

  • Wednesday July 31st, 3-4pm
  • Thursday August 29th, 5-6pm

The location of the support group will be disclosed only to those registered. Register online here or email for further information about the group.

If you're a trans person, or are questioning your gender identity, this community support group offers you the space to discuss trans & gender identity issues in a relaxed environment with others who are part of the Warwick trans & questioning community.

The group meets fortnightly during term-time and monthly outside of term. No commitment to ongoing attendance is required. For more information, email

The University's Counselling Service are offering a 'sexual orientation, romantic orientation, and gender identity group' for students who would like to think, together with others, about their identity in relation to either their sexual orientation, romantic orientation and/or their gender. Find out more about the group here.