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How well do you understand trans people? Try our quiz for Trans Awareness Week and find out!


Pronoun Badge-Making (Drop-In)

Monday 12th November
1-3pm, SU HQ Work Zone
[Facebook event link]

At Warwick, we want to create an inclusive culture where it's the norm to share your pronouns and not assume which pronouns someone else uses. To make that easier, we're offering the chance to create your very own pronoun badge for free! All badge-making materials are provided, including pre-made designs for those with less artistic inclinations...

Running a Trans-Inclusive Club

Tuesday 13th November
11am-12pm, MR2 (SU HQ)
[Register here]

We're inviting exec members of all SU sports clubs to attend a workshop examining how to run a trans-inclusive club.

Running a Trans-Inclusive Society

Wednesday 14th November
1-2pm, MB0.08 (Maths Extension)
[Register here]

We're inviting exec members of all SU societies to attend a workshop examining how to run a trans-inclusive society.

Warwick Pride SU Focus Group

Wednesday 14th November
2-3pm, Meeting Room 3 (SU HQ)
[Register here] (Self-defining LGBTUA+ students only)

It's Your SU... Have Your Say! At the SU we want to give our members the best possible service. To do this we need to hear from you about how we’re doing! What you like, what you don't like, things we could improve and what you'd like to see more of. Come and join us for a chat, share your opinion and get a £5 SU food voucher for your time!

Trans Support Group Launch

Wednesday 14th November
5-7pm, location upon registration
[Register here or email]

If you're a trans person, or are questioning your gender identity, this support group offers you the space to discuss trans & gender identity issues in a relaxed environment with others who are part of the Warwick trans community. For more information, email

'Asexuality and agender - exploring the connections' by Dr Karen Cuthbert

Thursday 15th November
5-6pm, R0.04 (Ramphal)

[Facebook event link]

Dr Karen Cuthbert (University of Leeds) will discuss their research on asexuality and gender, focusing specifically on the finding that many asexual participants felt disconnected or alienated from gender, which led to a subsequent identification as agender, gender-neutral or gender-less. Furthermore, participants understood this through the explanatory framework of their asexuality. The talk will explore these connections, including wider points about the relationship that might exist between ‘gender’ and ‘sexuality’.

Trans Representation in Literature Discussion Group

(with Warwick Pride and Warwick University Drama Society)

Friday 16th November
3-5pm, B2.01 (Science Concourse)
[Facebook event link]

During this discussion, we will be discussing positive and negative representations of trans experiences within Literature, the importance of positive representations of trans experiences, and recommendations of literature that feature positive representations of trans experiences.

'Being LGBTUA+ at Warwick' Survey Findings - Part 1 (Trans Identities)

Monday 19th November
11:30am-12:30pm, Meeting Room 2 (SU HQ)
[Register here]

Following analysis of the 'Being LGBTUA+ at Warwick' survey data, we're issuing an invitation to attend this session on its findings. The survey looked at LGBTUA+ students' experiences of LGBTUAphobia & discrimination at Warwick, as well as experiences of hate crime in the local area, what contributes to them feeling supported (or not) by the University and the Students' Union, and what they feel needs improving to better support Warwick's LGBTUA+ community. This first session will focus on the experiences of trans respondents.

Trans Day of Remembrance is on Tuesday 20th November. Find out how to observe it here.

If you have any questions, please contact the SU's Trans Officer by emailing