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Workshop: Building A Trans-Inclusive University

Upcoming workshop dates:

  • Monday 5th February, 1-2pm, R1.04
  • Wednesday 7th February, 3-4pm, R1.04
  • Thursday 8th February, 12-1pm, R1.04
  • Monday 12th February, 10-11am, R1.04
  • Wednesday 14th February, 3-4pm, R1.04
  • Thursday 15th February, 11am-12pm, R1.04
  • Friday 16th February, 12-1pm, R1.04
  • Tuesday 20th February, 3-4pm, R1.04
  • Thursday 22nd February, 2-3pm, R1.04
  • Friday 23rd February, 9-10am, R1.04

  • What issues do trans staff and students face in a university environment?
  • What is in the University's 'Trans & Gender Reassigment Policy'?
  • What support do trans colleagues and students need?
  • What tangible things can each of us do to build a trans-inclusive university environment?

For more information, please email