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LGBTUA+ History Month banner

Welcome to Warwick's 2019 LGBTUA+ History Month!

Throughout many periods in history, the lives and accomplishments of LGBTUA+ people have been ignored or actively erased. This LGBTUA+ History Month we're spreading knowledge and forging links to counteract this historical erasure.

Tuesday 5th Feb

5pm-midnight, Terrace Bar

[SU event listing]
"The Terrace Bar proudly hosts a night for all Warwick LGBTUA+ students and their friends on Tuesday Week 5 of every term. Expect a night of rainbow cocktails and mocktails, colourful decor and your own choice of music!"

Wednesday 6th Feb

Trans Community Support Group
4-6pm, location on registration

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"If you're a trans person, or are questioning your gender identity, this community support group offers you the space to discuss trans & gender identity issues in a relaxed environment with others who are part of the Warwick trans & questioning community."

Thursday 7th Feb

"What Does LGBTUA+ Inclusive Sex, Consent & Relationships Education Look Like?"
12-1pm, Terrace Bar (open for this event only)

[Facebook event]
"Most sex, consent and relationships education is hetero- and cis-normative; based on the assumption that people are heterosexual and cisgender. This leaves young people, LGBTUA+ and non-LGBTUA+ alike, ill-equipped to navigate their romantic and sexual experiences. Join us to look at what LGBTUA+ inclusive sex, consent & relationships education might look like!"

Queer Valentines Card-Making
4-5pm, Meeting Room 2 (SUHQ)

[Facebook event]
"Fed up of inappropriately gendered cards and a lack of choice when trying to pick out the perfect card for your valentine? Ditch the frustration this year and join us to design & make your own, all card-making materials supplied!"

Friday 8th Feb

Ice and Fire: This is Who I Am
7-9pm, B2.01 (Science)

with Warwick STAR and Warwick Amnesty's Refugee Week

[Facebook event]
"'This is Who I Am' is a show produced by the Ice and Fire theatre company. The performance will highlight the experience of LGBT people seeking asylum in the UK.

Ice and Fire explore human rights stories through performance and put human rights at the core of everything they do to make accessible theatre for a wide range of audiences across the UK. After the performance, there will be a Q&A session."

Tuesday 12th Feb

Badge-Making Craftivism
12 - 3pm, Meeting Room 2 (SUHQ)

[Facebook event]
"Make your own badge and wear it with pride! Whether you're looking to wear your pronouns, your flag, or your campaign slogans, drop by to design & make your very own unique badges. All badge-making materials are supplied free of charge. Rainbow wristbands and rainbow laces will also be available at this event."

Friday 15th Feb

Query a Queer - live!
4-5pm, live at

[Facebook event]
"Got questions? We're answering them! Join us live to hear some of Warwick's LGBTUA+ students answer your questions about being LGBTUA+."

Monday 18th Feb

NUS LGBT+ Conference Delegate Elections
12-1pm, Meeting Room 2 (SUHQ)

[Find out more here]
"During LGBTUA+ History Month, the LGBTUA+ community at Warwick will be electing delegates to represent them at NUS LGBT+ Conference. NUS LGBT+ Students' Conference is the sovereign policy-making body of the LGBT+ Students' Campaign, which is a politically autonomous part of NUS UK. The conference brings together delegates from students' unions across the country (who are affiliated to NUS UK) to discuss, debate and vote on motions and elect the political leadership for the year ahead."

Roundtable: Gender, Language & Identity
4-7pm, S0.18 (Social Sciences)

[Facebook event]
"On 18th February, we're hosting the first roundtable in our event series entitled ‘Language, Gender and Identity’, where we’re hoping to prompt conversations about gender identity and language from a less Anglo-centric point of view, given our multilingual and multicultural context at Warwick. We want to examine the synergies with such conversations happening at a national and global level & use those to drive policy at Warwick and beyond.

Bringing together linguists, experts on gender identity, and those working on relevant policy, we hope to prompt a dialogue from the Warwick community first - looking at where we currently are with policy at Warwick, and where we need to go with it, before the second part (coming up in Term 3) where we'll be engaging student and staff colleagues from other parts of the country to open up a wider perspective of the most global context. Join us and help shape the conversation around gender, language and identity at Warwick."

Wednesday 20th Feb

Local Secondary Schools LGBTUA+ Outreach Visit
11am - noon

"Would you like to speak with LGBTUA+ students from local schools about your experience of being LGBTUA+ at university? No need to prepare anything, simply come along and chat in a relaxed environment, with refreshments provided. Email to express your interest."

Queer Selfhoods: Sodomy Trials and Gay Subculture in the Long 18th century England, with the Queer History Reading Group
4-6pm, R1.03 (Ramphal Building)

[Facebook event]
"We will be discussing four short trials, letters and poems to explore how queer bodies, selves and desires were represented /negotiated in English socio-legal discourses and beyond in the long 18th century. Please find the short readings for this event here.

Refreshments including wine and juice will be available at the start of this event."

Friday 22nd Feb

"Where Next?" Setting Our Community Priorities
noon - 1pm, Meeting Room 2 (SUHQ)

[Facebook event coming soon]
"What are the most pressing issues facing the LGBTUA+ community? What do you think our campaigning priorities should be in the months and years ahead? What can we do as students to contribute to the national and international picture? Come along, discuss, and plan our community priorities collectively."

Monday 25th Feb

Trans Community Support Group
4-6pm, location on registration

[Register here]
"If you're a trans person, or are questioning your gender identity, this community support group offers you the space to discuss trans & gender identity issues in a relaxed environment with others who are part of the Warwick trans & questioning community."

Tuesday 26th Feb

Growing up LGBTUA+ through the Decades: LGBTUA+ History Month Networking Lunch
12-2pm, Scarman (Small Bar)

[Event page]
"The 'Growing up LGBTUA+ through the Decades' lunch is a chance to network with colleagues and engage in discussions about how experiences of growing up LGBTUA+ have changed over time, for example with the advancement of the internet and social media and the passage of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act in 2013. This event is for all students and members of staff who identify as LGBTUA+, as well as supporters who have an interest in LGBTUA+ History."

Wednesday 27th Feb

Lily Madigan, with Warwick Labour
6-8pm, OC1.01 (Oculus)

[Facebook event]
"Lily Madigan is a trans activist and the first trans Labour Party Women’s Officer. Lily will be talking about fighting transmisogyny in the Labour party and today's society, and how we can mobilise for trans liberation. In the informal discussion following her talk we will also talk about LGBTQ+ history more generally, and Labour's role in that in the UK."