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How well do you understand asexuality? Take our quiz for Asexual Awareness Week and find out!


Understanding Asexuality

Thursday 25th October
3-4pm, OC0.04 (Oculus)

[Facebook event link]

What are relationships with an asexual person like? Do asexual people have a gender preference in relationships? Are asexual people disgusted by the idea of sex? Are asexual people against other people having sex? If asexual people aren't sexually attracted to anyone, why do some asexual people have sex? This event will look at all these questions and more!

Asexual & Aromantic Panel

Friday 26th October
4-5pm, R0.03 (Ramphal)

[Facebook event link]

Hear from members of our asexual & aromantic community, how their identity has shaped their time at Warwick, and what they wish people knew more about being asexual or aromantic.

There will be an opportunity to ask questions at this event.

Still got questions? Email them to for replies from Warwick's asexual and aromantic community.