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Lost your Stagecoach pass?

If you’ve lost your Stagecoach bus pass, you can report this to Stagecoach on 01604 676060 (08:00 to 17:00, Monday to Friday) or at, supported by details of the pass, evidence that you purchased it, and evidence that it was stolen or lost (e.g. a Police crime number or details of what other items were lost). If you do lose your pass, make sure you keep all paper bus tickets that you use as these are crucial evidence when it comes to getting it replaced!

Please note an administration charge of £25 will be payable for the replacement if it’s approved.

If the request is accepted, the email response will ask that the admin fee (£25) is sent to Stagecoach who will post out a replacement, or is taken to the Leamington Office and paid in exchange for a replacement pass.

If the request is denied, the email response will link to the appeals process.

Appeals process

The large majority of replacement requests are accepted, but if Stagecoach don’t accept your request you can appeal to a joint panel of representatives from Stagecoach, the SU and the University. The outcome will be communicated to you directly by Stagecoach via email in 10-15 working days. The decision of this panel will be final.

Appeals form

To appeal a rejected bus pass replacement application, please confirm the following details. If we need any more information from you, we will contact you via the details you provide below.

Please be advised that this appeals process is applicable only to bus passes purchased since 1st September 2017.

Your Details


Pass Details

Dates covered by your pass:
Where you bought the pass:



About the loss and your contact with Stagecoach

How your pass was lost/stolen:
Why Stagecoach didn’t replace it:
When you heard from Stagecoach regarding their decision:
Any other relevant comments:

If you have any other evidence for your claim that you wish to attach then please send it to along with details of your appeal.