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What is Ethical Eats?

Food is vital. How we produce it and consume it has a great impact on the world around us – on other humans, on animals, on the environment. Warwick students know this. This is why the Ethical Eats Ethos was written into SU policy in 2016 by a sweeping democratic victory.


The policy is in place at Xananas, Curiositea and the Dirty Duck.


You asked the SU to help you by offering food that suits your values, as well as your taste buds. The policy means:

  • At least one in three of the starters and one in three of the main courses available at Xananas and the Dirty Duck will be vegetarian or vegan.
  • Meat, fish, and dairy-free versions of your favourite dishes will be made available.
  • The SU will promote these dishes as protecting the environment, animals, and people.

Buy a meat and / or fish-free dish in an SU outlet and you’ll be part a movement towards more sustainable food.

What next?

The Students’ Union will continue to monitor and change the range of Ethical Eats products to match the needs and expectations of the membership, striving to increase the options in line with the demand.

You can take a closer look at all our outlets and their menus here.


Curiositea posterDid you know you can have soya milk or coconut milk in your drinks from Curiositea, rather than dairy milk?
Or that a third of the Dirty Duck's vegetarian dishes also have vegan versions you can ask for?
In Xananas two thirds of the starters are vegetarian!