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Warwick SU’s Environmental Impact

Warwick Students’ Union is committed to continually improving our impact on the environment.

We aim to do this by reviewing our environmental policy annually to ensure it is relevant, by integrating best practice in our activities, and trying to include environmental consideration in our day-to-day business decisions.

We monitor our performance on waste production and energy usage with the aim of reducing both where it is possible, and we look at ways to reduce any associated negative impacts from our activities.

This section of the website shows our current policy and details on the various activities we have identified as having greatest environmental impact.

If you have suggestions on how we can improve our environmental impact, please get in touch with


NUS Green Impact

Ethics Environment

Warwick SU has been involved in Green Impact through NUS since 2008/9.

The NUS auditor has previously reported that “Warwick SU are consistently high performers when it comes to Green Impact and it's good to see that the enthusiasm is still there. The environment is taken very seriously in every aspect of the Union's activities, which is great to see and a lot of this is because of Green Impact."

More information

We work closely with the Warwick University sustainability team where we can, and we follow a number of the University procedures to dispose of equipment such as electrical items.

Click here to visit the Warwick University sustainability pages to see what they are doing, see their policies, find out where you can recycle various things on campus, and stay up to date with campus-wide developments.